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10 plays in 10 games

Have you ever challenged yourself to choose 10 games to play during the year, at least 10 times?

2020 was the first year we decided to enter this challenge, choosing only games from medium to high weight.

Most of the times that we play in a group, we get to the table simpler or shorter games. Considering we don't have to be so concentrated to not lose the focus of our strategy we can talk more comfortably.

So, sitting at opposite sides of the table, each of us have written a list with 15 of possible candidates to enter this challenge. Once finished both lists, we saw which ones were a match, starting the final list of 10 games. Afterwards, we have taken turns to choose the remaining ones to fill the list.

Challenging ourselves with longer and more complex games, we have the "perfect excuse" to take them out of the box when we play only with two players.

And, truth be told, if we had chosen for the challenge only little games it would be far too easy, don't you agree?

01. Wingspan

Progresso: 3/10

It has 8 plays, 3 of them this year and the first being in a national convention. The last time it was on the table, we included the «European» expansion that we recommend to those who prefer more diversified game objectives.

02. Everdell

Progresso: 2/10

This «Collector's Edition» has 4 plays, 2 of them this year. We recently backed the campaign on Kickstarter for its last expansion, taking advantage to buy the two previous expansions we had missing. We hope to get them to the table soon.

03. Tapestry

Progresso: 2/10

Being bought when release while a «Stonemaier Champion», has 4 plays, 2 of them this year. Recognized for its peculiar miniatures, it wouldn't be played with such enthusiasm if the components were just common tokens.

04. Viticulture

Progresso: 3/10

This «Essential Edition» has 4 plays, 3 of them this year. Bought together with the «Tuscany» expansion, they both got to the table the last time we played. This expansion is adequate for those who prefer more decision making and new functionalities.

05. Dinosaur Island

Progresso: 1/10

This «X-treme Edition» was the first campaign we backed on Kickstarter and has 3 plays, 1 of them this year. We bought the base game, the «Total Liquid» expansion and «Duelosaur Island». This two player exclusive also counts with 2 plays.

06. Terraforming Mars

Progresso: 1/10

It was bought because of the interest in the theme and has 4 plays, 1 of them this year. Two of its expansions are part of the collection: «Prelude» e «Turmoil». Since this last one arrived we didn't play without the dual-layer player boards.

07. Underwater Cities

Progresso: 1/10

It didn't exist on the collection another game with such theme or mechanics, counting with 5 plays, 1 of them this year. We also have the «New Discoveries» expansion, that brought dual-layer player boards and new functionalities.

08. Root

Progresso: 0/10

It was only played once in a national convention, before this year. Recently it was released on Kickstarter the «Underworld» expansion and we backed this campaign, alongside with the base game and the previous expansion «Riverfolk». We are waiting for their arrival.

09. A Feast for Odin

Progresso: 2/10

Bought after being released, has 3 plays, 2 of them this year. Half an year past the first play, the «Norwegians» expansion has joined the collection. Since then, it was always played with the updates to the action board it includes.

10. On Mars

Progresso: 1/10

It has 2 plays, 1 of them this year and the first being in a national convention. We had the opportunity to try out the game while our own copy, signed edition backed on Kickstarter, was on its way.





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