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First 10 games

Do you still remember which were your first 10 boargames entering the collection?

We confess that we had to make use of our photographic records to put up the list with our ten first correctly ordered...

01. Ticket to Ride

At the time we didn't even know that it was possible to have a boardgames "collection", but this game was the one which triggered the beginning of our own. This is a game present in many recommendation lists for beginners, much related with its simplicity.

02. Ricochet Robots

One day, we got out to do grocery shopping, and we found that modern boardgames could be bought at the stores, after all. From those present, this one seemed to be one of the most simple to learn, being challenging at the same time.

03. Scotland Yard

Boardgame discounts can be attractive and that was a thing we discovered almost at the beginning of this journey. In the middle of Lego boxes, we saw this game announcing itself as a search for a fugitive that disappears from the map, from time to time.

04. Carcassonne

It was with the Plus edition of Carcassonne we discovered that there exist compilations of games and its expansions in a unique box. Motivated by the curiosity this game has aroused, we couldn't just buy the base game.

05. Agricola

The concept of heavy game turned clear for us when we tried out this game. Not because it has been properly heavy or difficult, but because it made us think carefully in each turn for trying to found some strategy to reach goals.

06. Pandemic

When this game got out of the box we felt, for the first time, that we weren't playing against each other. Cooperative games like this are excellent to put all the players in collaboration, with a view to a common goal.

07. Caverna: The Cave Farmers

A bit in the follow-up of Agricola, we felt this one is an excellent choice of heavy game. Beside the fact it is considered more complex, we both were under the impression that exists more freedom of choice in Caverna, maybe because of the absence of cards.

08. Catan

Also indicated many times for beginners with modern boardgames, in this one there is the possibility of destroying plays to the opponents, depending on the position of the robber on the board that does all the difference. It was our second Plus edition.

09. Exit: The Abandoned Cabin

In a time where the physical escape rooms were gaining shape, we wanted to see how this concept could be translated for a boardgame. We were surprised with the way this family of games work, alongside with the Unlock family.

10. Kingdom Builder

This was the third game we bought in a compilation of Big Box, having the possibility to be played with its expansions. The base game introduces a different way of putting up the board, considering it presents itself as modular.


Actually, this list of "first 10" could be named as a "first 15" list. Alongside with these ten games, another five joined the collection, being different versions of «Ticket to Ride» and «Carcassonne».

  • Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails

  • Carcassonne Over Hill and Dale

  • Carcassonne Winter Edition

  • Ticket to Ride: Europe

  • Ticket to Ride: 10th Anniversary





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