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Liberty to the components #1

With the rubric Liberty to the components we intend to share with you the diversity in components that each game contains. We will present them to give the possibility, to those who want, to join us discovering those components.

Considering that Tang Garden was the last game joining the collection, we decided that it should be the first being set free.

Game: Tang Garden

Designers: Francesco Testini, Pierluca Zizzi

Publisher: ThunderGryph Games

All set free

On the first image we can have a pretty good idea that the game box brings a lot of components and very varied among themselves.

Garden board

The first component to show is the game board, that presents itself as a piece of art, being in it that we will grow our garden harmoniously.

Starting tile and Garden tiles

From the starting tile, the garden tiles are put one by one allowing our garden to grow gradually, giving access to new spaces where the various character miniatures and other decorations can be added.


During the gameplay, we have available different species of trees that we can grow on our garden, being also possible to score points through them because they are one of the types of decoration.

Garden houses

Similar to the trees, the garden houses are also decorations that allow scoring points and also to put a character miniature on the inside. It's possible to see in the image those houses from different points of view.


All items considered as decorations allow ways to score points. The bridges are part of this group and, like the garden houses, they allow to put a character miniature on it.


On the garden board there are visible many slots on it extremities, that allow inserting two types of distinct landscapes, being some bigger than others. Those landscapes allow scoring additional points to the characters that have them on their line of sight.




Throughout the gameplay there are some opportunities to access cards that allow adding different types of decoration to the garden board.


Character miniatures and Character cards

Besides its figure and respective name, it's possible to notice that each card has a unique bonus, only valid when the character miniature in question is on the garden.

First player token, Landscape tokens and Lantern tokens

The token on the left is given to the person that will start playing.

Landscape tokens, on the center, are added to the garden board when the game starts on specific and random places, allowing to choose a small or big landscape to add to the garden board.

Lantern tokens, on the right, are different because they have an unique ability that the player can use during the turn. The smaller group of lantern tokens are only used in solo mode.

Player boards

The player boards allows that each player keep track, during the gameplay, of their evolution on each of the identified lines. Each board is only differentiated by its small colored band representative of the player color.

Additional player tokens


Just like many other games, the coins obtained represent the player points to sum in the end of the gameplay.


Last, but not the least, the rulebook lists the content that belongs to the game, describes in detail the gaming rules and, additionally, presents a description for each of the available character miniatures.








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