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Who is this Meeple?

The main goal of «Meeple of Liberty» is to share visual contents regarding boardgames.

There are two Meeples behind, Red and Blue, both working with technologies and Software development.

They both spend the working hours in front of a computer, being exhaustive to be at home simply watching TV, on the computer or with their mobile phones.

The beginning in this world of boardgames started with the search of something different and evolved with the feeling of breaking free from technologies, don’t letting them dominate their leisure hours.

Therefore, boardgames became a constant presence at the table, playing just the two or with friends that share the same passion.

During the biggest part of his life, the little Blue Meeple didn't know that existed board games beside the usual Monopoly, Risk, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary and others from the same generation.

Until a day, that after having dinner at some friends' home, there was an invite to put a boardgame in the table. The proposal was accepted, expecting to see the box of a known boardgame.

What a surprise when they went in the direction of a shelf with game boxes that he never heard about before...

Among them, they have chosen the most simple and explained the rules: collect cards, discard to put trains on the map and fulfill objective routes.

Blue commented that it was a funny game and that was nothing like the others he knew, being this game played some more times at those friends' home.

Working related matters made Blue move to another city some months later, and he didn't remember so soon that existed modern boardgames.

Meanwhile, he met the little Red Meeple, that knew as much about modern boardgames as Blue.

Like any other Meeple couple, talking about something different to do, Blue recalled to tell Red about some «Ticket to Ride» he has played at a friends' home.

There is no need to tell that, some days later, Red received a package that brought «Ticket to Ride».

Less than a week from there, another package arrived for Red, bringing «Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails» that besides trains also has boats!

While walking through the shopping center, those Meeples have observed that a store had «Ticket to Ride» and other boardgames for sale.

They ended up taking home with them a game named «Ricochet Robots», finding that it had a different and funny concept.

During a dinner, those Meeples were talking about their discovery about boardgames and were surprised when the host told them that usually went to some local boardgaming group meetings.

Keeping up with his investigation about boardgames, Red has discovered «BoardGameGeek» where many people was talking about some «Agricola» that seemed really interesting.

Between conversations, «Scotland Yard» and some «Carcassonne» versions, it became real the first meeting that those Meeples attended in a local boardgaming group to try «Agricola», buying the game immediately the day after.

More than 3 years, 500 boardgames and some Kallax shelves after, the journey of those Meeples regarding boardgames continue, bringing to life «Meeple of Liberty».





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